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With 47 locations in California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, & Arizona, US Air Conditioning Distributors is one of the largest HVAC distributors. We are a One Stop Shop for all your HVAC needs from residential to commercial to industrial including equipment, controls, parts, supplies, and sheet metal.

You can count on US Air Conditioning Distributors to have what you need, when you need it, with free next-day delivery, crane service, incredible inventory selection and experienced, friendly personnel to help you.


Mitsubishi Electric brings unmatched energy efficiency, performance and control to home cooling and heating. It's never been easier to keep everyone in your house comfortable, without spending a fortune on your energy bills.

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Is your Heater in Trouble? Diagnose Common Problems Based Off your System’s Odor

When things are going right with your heater, you probably hardly notice it, but when things start to go wrong your nose will definitely notice if your system begins giving off odors.  Most of these odors are harmless or require only a simply fix, but some odors can be caused… Read more »

Why you should Schedule a Fall HVAC Maintenance Service

After a blistering hot summer season, you’ll want to be confident that your home’s HVAC system will keep you and your family comfortable as we transition into cooler temps.  We’ll explain why the fall is the perfect time to schedule a maintenance service call with your local technician! It’s all… Read more »

9 Things Homeowners Should Know About Their HVAC System

It’s no surprise that people moving to a new house often look to cosmetic details like flooring, cabinets, and fresh paint when trying to make their new house feel like home. Surprisingly, the HVAC system is often overlooked even though it is a major feature of the house that tends… Read more »

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